FIRETECNO is a product line dedicated to the biomass boiler sector (pellet boilers, multi fuel boilers, etc.).


FIRETECNO is a product line  dedicated to the biomass boiler sector (pellet boilers,  multi fuel boilers, etc.).

Firetecno is made up of electric motors and gearboxes that can be varied in terms of size and performance in order to suit your application.

Worm, combination or helical gearboxes can be used with single or three phase motors. Furthermore, we have designed and developed the FT shaft mounted  range which is efficient, compact, low noise and optimises performance  and  motorisation.

The electronic control completes this range.  Inverters from our TT100 series, range from 0.2kw to 15kW and are ideal for use in this sector.

See the Firetecno catalogue here.