FIRETECNO is a product line dedicated to the biomass boiler sector (pellet boilers, multi fuel boilers, etc.).


Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers burn plant based material, transforming it into heat energy. Aesthetically the biomass boiler is a steel device that can vary in size depending on the manufacturer and model.

Biomass fuel is  a plant based matter that comes from various sources such as wood including logs, pellets and woodchips, cereals such as corn and also olive residues  etc. Boilers that can burn different types of biomass are known as multi fuel boilers.

The fuel is automatically fed into the furnace, and this is where Firetecno comes in. The gearmotor produces the mechanical movement transporting  the fuel into the combustion chamber.

Here, heat and smoke are generated. Hot flue gasses are then passed through a heat exchanger, so that the heat is transferred from the combustion gases to the water used in the central heating system. The hot water is then circulated around a standard central heating system.